Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

As of December, 2014, the Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts currently does not have the means to have others join us and become members and for us to collect membership dues. As stated in our purpose for existence, our main efforts are spent to support the WA7DRE affiliated repeater systems. Our constitution and by-laws would allow for having members and collecting dues, but we are currently not doing so.

As allowed by our club bylaws, The Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts does have lifetime members. These are individuals that have been recognized by Officers and other members as contributing significantly to the goals and purposes of our organization. The following individuals are lifetime members:

WA7DRE Life Members
Scott Harvey, KA7FVV
Spokane, WA
Craig Phillips, W7CDP
Spokane, WA

A lot of the WA7DRE member interaction, file sharing, and discussion happens on our Groups.io page:

Join us on [Groups.io Page]

[Discord Logo]

What's Discord? The FREE Text, Audio and Video collaboration system. We have created a Discord server specifically for WA7DRE members. Within the server, are numerous channels for different topics we care about.

If you'd like to join us on our Discord server, you need to sign up for a FREE account on Discord. Then you can install and use the Discord App or software on your phone, tablet or computer. Discord makes the software available for many devices. Or, you can use the web-based Discord interface. See their web site for how to do that.

Once you have created an account on Discord, you can use the invitation below to become a member of our WA7DRE server. You must have an invitation to join us and that invitation is below. We usually meet for regular meetings on Friday nights between 6pm and 8pm Pacific time. Meetings are informal and free flowing. Come and go as you please. Sometimes we have a program planned, other times we just rag chew. We hope to see you there!

Click the invitation link below to join in on the WA7DRE Discord server using your web browser.


You can also use this link in the Discord software on your phone or PC. Cut and paste this link into Discord to add our Discord server to your list of servers.