Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

December, 2018

Our club operates under the rules set forth in the US Government Code of Federal Regulations Title 47, Chapter I, Subchapter D, Part 97, in addition to, our own Constitution and By-laws and operating guidelines and rules outlined below.

Our club Constitution and By-laws are available here for your inspection.

WA7DRE Affiliated Repeater Operating Guidelines

"A repeater is not a public utility - you don’t have a "right" to use it! When you are using someone else’s repeater you are, in effect, a visitor in the owner’s station. So, you should conduct yourself accordingly. If you use that station in a manner that the owner finds objectionable, that person has every right to revoke your privilege of using it!" (Source: The ARRL’s FCC Rule Book)

The owners of the repeater systems, the Officers of this amateur radio club, as well as the site hosts, require that you follow these guidelines while using the WA7DRE affiliated repeaters and facilities: