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Information about our repeater site and host

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We'd like to thank our partners at Spokane County and the staff of the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications. We asked if they would be willing to team with us to provide great emergency and amateur digital radio communications for the Spokane area, and they immediately said yes. They have a commitment to emergency communications, which is in line with our stated goals and purposes.

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Thanks also go to the Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) and especially, Rod Ekholm - KC7AAD, for providing lightning fast Internet at the repeater site via a HamWAN style link to the Internet Service Provider. The Internet connection is extremely reliable and plenty fast for our purposes. Additional thanks to E-Innovations Networking of Spokane for providing the ground link Internet service that we depend on.

The site gives us great coverage throughout the Spokane area.
[Repeater Location Map]