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Amateur Radio License Testing Information

The Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts supports local amateur radio license testing in the Spokane Area. In conjunction with the Laurel ARC Volunteer Examiner Coordinators and Action Recycling, we offer testing for those who wish to obtain a new amateur radio license, or upgrade their existing license. A local team of volunteer examiners, coordinated by Glen-K1RR, will administer the tests, and register your results with the Laurel VEC, which will be reported to the FCC.

Testing Schedule:
Generally, testing occurs on the third Wednesday of each month. Usually at 6pm local time, at Action Recycling, 1027 E Marietta Ave. in Spokane. If warranted, special sessions can be arranged for groups, or special times. Contact Glen by email (glen@k1rr.com) for more information.

Testing Cost:
The LaurelARC VEC and the local volunteers who conduct the testing, do not charge any fees. Persuant to FCC Order 20-184, adopted by the FCC on 23Dec20, the FCC has indicated that a $35 fee will be collected to process your application and approve your license or renewal. It is your responsibility to pay the FCC fees. The local examiners will not collect the fees and pay them on your behalf.

The $35 fee for licensing and renewals has already begun. You must pay any FCC licensing fees AFTER passing your test, but before being awarded your new license.

Covid 19 Restrictions:
We are taking measures to meet in person safely and conduct testing in a way that follows reasonable safety precautions to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are following state and local recommendations as they may change from time to time.

What you should bring:

After you have paid any applicable FCC fees, obtained an FRN, and studied for the test, please contact Glen by email to schedule a date for the test. You must let him know in advance. We cannot accept walk-ins.

Contact Glen by email (glen@k1rr.com) for more information.

After you have taken the test, and you pass, your new amateur radio privilages will be available to you as soon as your results are uploaded to the FCC from the Laurel VEC and are accepted by the FCC (unless you have a felony conviction to explain). Usually that means by the day after the test. If you need to pay your FCC licensing fee, they may delay issuance of your new license by a day or two. You should watch the FCC web site (Universal Licensing System) for notification that your new callsign has been assigned, or your operator class has been upgraded.

Here are some suggested license information and test study sites: