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Information about our X-Reflector

The WA7DRE Amateur Radio Club maintains a D-STAR X-Reflector. An X-Reflector is an alternative style of D-STAR reflector that is based on open protocols and requires no callsign registration. Authentic ICOM DPlus repeaters and gateways, such as our WA7DRE repeater, will not be able to connect to an X-Reflector due to inherent incompatibility.

You may use this reflector if you know how. It is not our intention to explain in detail how to connect to, and use an X-Reflector. D-STAR nodes and hotspots based on G4KLX's ircddbgateway and MMDVM should be able to easily connect to an X-Reflector. See below for some hints.

See documentation for your gateway or node software for more details of how to connect to an X-Reflector.
WA7DRE X-Reflector Usage Information
Reflector Name/Number XRF035
Modules Available A thru J
Reflector Software XLXReflector from LX1IQ
D-STAR Reflector Protocols Supported dextra, dplus
Reflector IP address
DNS Hostname xrf035.wa7dre.org
Dashboard Page http://xrf035.wa7dre.org/

Hints to configure your software to connect to this reflector:

If you are trying to connect to our X-Reflector from behind your home router firewall:

ICOM Terminal Mode Use:

The WA7DRE X-Reflector supports an unusual linking method only available on XLX reflectors, using terminal mode. See other instructions on youtube and elsewhere for how to do so. Only modules A through D support this terminal mode linking.

Gateway Repeater (Server IP/Domain): xrf035.wa7dre.org

The TO field in Terminal mode should be set to one of: /XLX035A thru /XLX035D

G4KLX's ircddbgateway:
Add the following line to your "/usr/local/etc/DExtra_Hosts.txt" file:
XRF035 L
If your ircddbgateway setup does not have a DExtra_Hosts.txt file, then create one. This will be the case if you are using the D-Star Commander image on a Raspberry Pi.
This method uses the dextra protocol, requiring forwarding of UDP port 30001 to your ircddbgateway computer. You will need to adjust the port forwarding rules in your home router.

Dutch*Star's WinDV software:
Edit the following file using administartor privilages:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microwalt Corporation\WinDV\dphosts.txt
Add the following line to the end of the file:
You are adding an X-Reflector to the dplus reflector list for WinDV. This will allow you to connect to our X-Reflector as a dplus node. Using this method, you will NOT be required to forward any ports on you home router.