Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

The WA7DRE D-STAR repeater and gateway system is privately owned by Glen-K1RR and Randy-W4LKS. The owners wish to share their repeater with interested parties in the Spokane area and throughout the world. The owners have collaborated with the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications System to make the repeater and gateway system available for use by all licensed amateur radio operators. The Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts amateur radio club was created to provide the reqiuired club callsign and help get the word out about our repeater, and also to help people to use it.

The WA7DRE D-STAR repeater and gateway is an authentic ICOM repeater and G3 gateway system complete with DPlus addons for linking to other DPlus gateways and reflectors. The repeater cabinet includes a 70cm, 25W digital voice repeater, a 1.2 ghz, 10W Digital voice repeater, and a 1.2 ghz, 10W digital data simplex transceiver. The repeater system site is hosted by Spokane Regional Emergency Communications System (SRECS) and is physically located on Beacon Hill in NW Spokane. Internet connectivity is provided by the Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) and E-Innovations in Spokane. See the Site Host page for more detailed information about the location of the repeater. If a power outage occurs, the repeater cabinet includes a UPS battery to maintain operation for 30 minutes or so, or until the power comes on. The gateway computer is purpose built for years of trouble free operation. It contains no moving parts, spinning fans or rotating hard drives. It is 100% solid state. Our D-STAR repeater has been designed and installed to be active and available during any reasonably foreseeable emergency event.

Glen-K1RR with the WA7DRE D-STAR repeater cabinet.

443.125 mhz antenna on SS mast.

1293.3 mhz antenna on SS mast.